Friday, May 29, 2009

My Chapbook Reviewed

I've got a review of my recent chapbook on Ibbetson Street Press Editor Doug Holder's blog by writer Irene Koronas. An excerpt is below:

The poems are split into two themes; morose, (with good reason,) and relating specific relationships (with good reason)“where her imperfection lies, at the bottom of her pantleg/ the one who claimed that I was the first to undress her…”yet and but, yet still, Veronneau combines his poetic process, his way of expressions, with a tenderness that marries rant relative to morose relationships, a three some, a three way street, a three legged dog?“

The rest of the review can be seen here:
Within The Grand Scheme Review

(scroll down a bit)

My appreciation to them for the review!

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